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A Young and Driven Social Investor : Sai Soumya’s story

Sai Soumya, a first-year BBA student, stands out for her early and passionate dive into social investing. Inspired by her father's work and their shared dream of building a sustainable, impact-driven business, Soumya has channelled her pocket money into meaningful investments through Rang De. Her journey reflects a unique blend of youthful idealism and practical action, making her a remarkable young Social Investor.

Rang D e Social investor

Leslin: Hi Sai Soumya, thank you for joining me today. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your journey into social investing?

Sai Soumya: Hi Leslin, I'm a first-year graduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at the Institute of Chartered and Financial Analysts of India. My journey into social investing began with my dad introducing me to it. My first investment was in November 2023. My dad and I share a long-term vision of building a social business that isn't focused on profits but on sustainability and making a real difference. My dad works in the dairy business, dealing directly with local farmers, and I've seen firsthand the challenges they face. This inspired me to explore ways to contribute positively.

Leslin: What conversations with your father influenced your strong ideas toward social development?

Sai Soumya: Our family values emphasise people over profits. My dad, inspired by Dr. Yunus and the Grameen Bank model, has always believed in creating a business that makes a difference, even if it's on a small scale within our community. We often discuss setting up a social business once he retires and I complete my post-graduation. These conversations have shaped my understanding that true fulfilment comes from making a positive impact on those around us.

Leslin: How do you manage your finances for social investments?

Sai Soumya: I receive pocket money from my parents since I live in a hostel in Hyderabad. If I get 5,000 INR per month, I split it in half: half for my survival and half for investments and educational needs. My primary focus is on academics and preparing for a good MBA college, so I'm not currently doing internships. However, I make it a point to save and invest a portion of my pocket money.

Leslin: Given the strict budget, how do you manage to save and invest?

Sai Soumya: Many of my friends are into trading equities and bonds, which initially influenced me. However, I wanted to do something different that felt more fulfilling. I started small, with 500 INR, and gradually increased my investments. It's not always regular, but I'm committed to contributing to something meaningful. I believe that starting small is better than not starting at all.

Leslin: How did you find your investment strategy with Rang De?

Sai Soumya: My first investment was random as I was new to the platform. Over time, I realised I wanted to focus on farmers because they are the backbone of our country. Farmers became my primary focus because their well-being directly impacts the nation's stability. I felt particularly moved by the stories of farmers struggling with harsh conditions, and I wanted to support them. Reading some profiles, I could sense the urgency of the Investee’s needs. In that case I would invest straight away.

Leslin: What message would you like to convey to your peers about social investments?

Sai Soumya: It's not always about chasing profits. Early realisation of this fact is beneficial. Social investing isn't charity; you get repaid. It’s about creating livelihoods, supporting families, and strengthening society. Even small investments can make a significant difference. I encourage my peers to explore options and start with what they can. Social business can be just as fulfilling, if not more so, than traditional profit-driven ventures. As a student, even investing small amounts like 500 INR can contribute to making a difference.

Leslin: What does the future hold for you with Rang De?

Sai Soumya: My family and I have been exploring the social business model for about two years, inspired by the Grameen Bank. Rang De has given us practical insights into how such a model works in India. Personally, I hope to intern with Rang De after my second year of graduation. This experience will align with my future goals and give me a deeper understanding of building a social business. Long-term, I aim to join or create a business that supports social development. Additionally, the interactions with the Rang De team have been incredibly motivating, and I look forward to learning and growing with them.

Leslin: That’s inspiring, Sai Soumya. We’d love to have you on board and see you grow with us. Thank you for sharing your journey and insights.

Sai Soumya's journey from a curious student to a dedicated social investor exemplifies the profound impact one can have by aligning personal values with purposeful action. Her story shows the power of small, consistent efforts in driving substantial change.

As she continues her academic journey and prepares for a future in social entrepreneurship, Soumya's commitment to uplifting rural farmers and her innovative approach to investing serve as an inspiration. 

You too can become a social investor, start today at

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