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Bridging the Gap: Social Financing for Urban Migrant Housing in India

At a recent conference, Rang De and its partners, including the Laudes Foundation and Work Fair and Free Foundation, convened to address the critical challenge of urban migrant housing in India. This gathering was not just another discussion but a step towards actionable solutions through social financing models. The aim was to go beyond the surface and delve into the complexities of migrant life and their unique credit needs.

The Catalyst: Rang De's Mission

Rang De views itself as a catalyst, aiming to bridge financing gaps in underserved regions and sectors. The focus is on how social investing can serve as a launchpad for communities to access credit from diverse providers. The discussion stresses on the importance of well-designed credit interventions tailored to specific community needs, recognizing that many existing credit programs are too generic and fail to address these unique requirements.

Laudes Foundation: A Commitment to Equality and Climate Change

Puneet from the Laudes Foundation highlighted their commitment to addressing inequality and climate change. The partnership with Rang De is part of a pilot initiative to explore social financing models for migrant workers’ housing needs. This collaboration is seen as an extraordinary learning adventure, emphasising the Foundation's dedication to sustainable solutions.

Dr. Tara Nair, Arpit, Nisarg Joshi and Swastik harish presented a comprehensive study on urban migrants' housing credit needs. This research, conducted in collaboration between Rang De and Work Fair and Free Foundation, revealed the translocal nature of migrants, highlighting the need for a nuanced understanding of their housing requirements. The study's findings are critical for developing financial products that cater specifically to migrant workers.

Challenges Identified

The study shed light on several challenges faced by migrants, including their lack of access to formal credit sources, unstable incomes, and social and economic disadvantages. These insights are crucial for creating financial products that are responsive to the specific needs of migrant workers.

The conference concluded with a discussion on the future direction of this initiative. Emphasizing the need for ongoing collaboration and innovation, the participants agreed on the importance of developing financial products that address the unique challenges of urban migrant workers. The insights gained from the study will be instrumental in guiding future strategies, focusing on impactful and sustainable interventions.

This conference marked a significant step towards addressing the housing needs of urban migrants in India. By combining in-depth research, collaboration, and innovative financing models, Rang De and its partners are at the forefront of creating more inclusive and equitable development opportunities. Their efforts underscore the power of collective action in making a tangible difference in the lives of those often overlooked by traditional systems.

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Meenal Mamdani
Meenal Mamdani
Dec 31, 2023

Trust Rangde to not rest on its laurels but to find constituencies that are in need and have been overlooked till now.

Wishing you even more success in the coming years.

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