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Building Inclusive Futures : Investing in Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit ‘SAMAGAMA’, a three day conclave held by Enable India Foundation in Whitefield, Bangalore. Enable India is a Rang De Impact Partner and works with the socio economic upliftment of persons with disabilities (PwD). I was accompanied by Arun Ramachandran, our Vice President, Impact for the visit. 

The purpose of Samagama was to bring together all the partner organisations together. SAMAGAMA, meaning "coming together with a purpose," serves as a platform for sharing strengths, best practices, and knowledge from various fields, including disability, rural development,entrepreneurship and Marketing.

On the visit there were at least 40 partner organisations spread over all the southern states, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Puducherry. We represented Rang De as the financial partner for Enable India Entrepreneurs. 

Till now, 234 Rang De have funded 41 entrepreneurs with disabilities through our Enable India Partnership. The borrowers were identified through Enable India’s Garv Centres.It was a moment of pride and joy to witness three entrepreneurs, nurtured by this partnership, clinching the 'best entrepreneur of the year' award among 27 contestants. I had the chance to speak to each one of them. Their story is heartening.

Left to Right - Kiran, Arun Ramachandran, Mallikarjuna, Anand, Chandrashekhar and GAS official

Mallikarjuna, Anand, and Chandrashekhar, hailing from the Tumkur district in Karnataka, epitomise the spirit of determination. Despite their physical disabilities, they have carved a niche for themselves in the domain of cattle rearing.

Their journey to self-reliance was fueled by the low-interest loans from Rang De social investors. Their entrepreneurial voyage has now reached a steady state, yielding monthly earnings of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000, after accounting for the loan repayments of ₹2,220.

This financial stability has not only bolstered their confidence but has also paved the way for future expansions, with plans to purchase another cow post the repayment of their current loans.Meeting these entrepreneurs was not just an honour; it was an enlightening journey into the profound impact Rang De has had on their lives.

Each borrower became a vocal advocate for Rang De, sharing their transformative experiences with everyone present. Their narratives were not just tales of personal achievement but powerful endorsements of how Rang De’s support has been a cornerstone in their journey towards empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Enable India acknowledged and celebrated RangDe's significant contributions and the profound social impact we've generated, naming us the best ecosystem partner. 

It was a privilege to accept this award on behalf of our entire team, symbolising our collective efforts and achievements. The SAMAGAMA conclave was more than just an event; it was a celebration of shared goals, mutual respect, and collective achievements.

It underscored the essence of coming together with a purpose, highlighting the synergies between Rang De and Enable India in empowering lives through financial inclusion and support. 

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