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Eco-Innovations: How Rang De Catalyses Climate Action

In an era where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, Rang De emerges as a catalyst for change, supporting innovative initiatives that intertwine environmental conservation with financial inclusion and livelihoods.

From promoting solar-based irrigation in Bihar's rural landscapes to transforming urban transportation with electric rickshaws and championing effective waste management, Rang De's portfolio reflects a deep commitment to fostering sustainable development.

1. Solar-Based Irrigation by AKRSP in Bihar: Lighting Up Agriculture

The Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (India), or AKRSP(I), is revolutionising rural life with its focus on renewable energy solutions. Its impactful journey includes reaching over 70,000 rural households with renewable energy programs, emphasising the importance of solar energy in off-grid remote villages, particularly in Bihar.Solar energy, now more affordable and viable, is not only powering homes but also empowering farmers through solar-based irrigation schemes. This approach aligns perfectly with Rang De's mission of fostering sustainable development and entrepreneurship​​​​.

The AKRSP(I) initiative in Bihar, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, exemplifies this. It introduces solar pumps for irrigation in Muzaffarpur, with women entrepreneurs managing these solar-based water supply enterprises. Rang De has partnered with AKRSP(I) to enable this sustainable solution for irrigation that also promotes women's empowerment and rural entrepreneurship. 

The project aims for a significant investment of 15 lakhs powered by Rang De Social investors, with a focus on solar panels, pump houses, and pipeline infrastructure. The entrepreneurs are expected to generate a substantial income annually, illustrating the project's viability and sustainability​​.

2. RACE Energy's E-Rickshaws: A Leap into the Future of Transportation

RACEnergy, a Hyderabad-based startup, is at the forefront of sustainable transportation with its innovative conversion kits for diesel-powered auto-rickshaws. These kits transform conventional auto rickshaws into electric vehicles (EVs), leveraging a battery swapping model. 

This model significantly reduces the conversion cost, making it an affordable option for auto drivers. This model has resulted in cost savings for drivers and is a significant step towards reducing urban pollution and reliance on fossil fuels.

The battery swapping system, designed for commercial use, offers a quick and efficient way for drivers to stay on the road without the downtime associated with recharging batteries. This technology not only makes electric autos more accessible but also addresses the practical concerns of auto-rickshaw drivers, offering a sustainable and economical solution​​.828 Rang De Social Investors funded 29 loans required for installation of kits and making the transition possible for auto drivers. Watch Video

3. Saahas: Championing Waste Management and Recycling

Saahas, a non-profit organisation, is making strides in waste management, particularly in recycling dry waste. Their philosophy is that waste, when managed at source, can become a resource. 

This aligns with Rang De's vision of supporting initiatives that create sustainable and self-sufficient communities. Saahas's work since 2001 in building communities across rural and urban India that manage waste effectively by reducing, reusing, and recycling, has led to significant resource recovery. 

This initiative not only addresses environmental concerns but also promotes a culture of sustainability and responsible waste management​​.

These initiatives, backed by Rang De and Rang De social investors, are more than just projects; they are movements towards a sustainable and equitable future. Each, in its unique way, contributes to environmental conservation, economic empowerment, and social betterment. 

As Rang De social investors continue to invest in these ventures, they not only invest in projects but also in a vision of a greener world with sustainable livelihoods. This commitment reflects a deeper understanding of development – one that values people and the planet equally.

You can Invest with Rang De towards developing a sustainable future at

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