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From Farm to Table: Invest in Women Farmers for a Healthier Tomorrow

The food we eat often comes from various sources, and we have little control over its growth methods or purity standards. Last week, The Supreme Court even had to ask FSSAI to respond to the overuse of pesticides. At best, we can pick from the available vegetables in the market and hope for the best. Food safety and quality are becoming major concerns these days. With more and more reports of pesticide-laden vegetables, adulterated produce, and genetically modified foods hitting our markets, the need for transparency and purity in our food supply has never been more urgent. Consumers are getting more health-conscious, wanting better control over what they eat.

But the conventional food supply chain leaves them pretty powerless. Mass production and distribution focus on quantity, not quality, leaving little room for the stringent purity standards that health-conscious consumers want.  This disconnect between production and consumption is a big issue that needs attention now.🚨

This situation is ripe for change, and leading the way is a remarkable group of women in Ujjanappana Doddi, Bangalore. In this serene and ecologically sensitive hamlet on the outskirts of Bangalore, a Self Help Group named Mayuri Vanashree Shakti Okkuta is pioneering a new project - Kai Thota Initiative.

women farmers in village

The Kai Thota Initiative

Seeing the gap, the women of Mayuri Vanashree Shakti Okkuta have come together to tackle the issue at its root. Their project focuses on sustainable farming practices, ensuring the food they grow is pure, organic, and free from harmful chemicals. By cultivating their clean produce, they aim to offer an alternative to the mass-produced vegetables in the market.

The SHG women have leased a 1-acre farm to grow vegetables and crops. Here’s what they offer:

  • Vegetable Variety: Over 70-75 types of native varieties of vegetables grown on land adjoining a forest.

  • Family Subscription: Families from Bangalore can subscribe to a 1200 sq. ft plot for a monthly fee and grow veggies of their choice.

  • Weekly Harvest: Each family can harvest 7 kg of fresh, pure vegetables weekly delivered at doorstep.

  • Capacity: The farm can accommodate 25-26 families.Each plot enough to sustain a family of 4-5 members.

The Rang De Intervention 

Over the past few years, Rang De Social Investors have invested in the women of SHGs to support their livelihood activities like sericulture, animal husbandry and farming etc. (Read more)

The loan from Rang De has been instrumental in setting up their ventures and livelihoods. Now, they are seeking a loan of ₹3,50,000 to set up the 1-acre farm. This amount will cover:

  • Solar Fencing: To protect the farm from wild animals.

  • Drip Irrigation: Ensuring efficient water usage.

  • High Yield Seeds & Manure: For better crop production.

This loan is vital for the success of the Kai Thota Initiative.The SHG women will earn a better livelihood by managing the farm, fostering greater collaboration between rural producers and urban consumers. 

women farmers backed by Rang De

With the Kai Thota Initiative, your backyard farm can just be a short drive from Bangalore. By investing in this project, you ensure a group of dedicated rural women an opportunity to sustain their livelihoods, promote sustainable agriculture, and provide fresh, organic vegetables directly to your table. Invest today at

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