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From Pedal to Power: How 16 Craftswomen Reimagined Deepavali

This Deepavali, the festival of lights, shines brighter for 16 remarkable women in the communities supported by Indian Yards Foundation. Their journey from traditional crafts workers to skilled artisans running their own businesses is an inspirational tale of empowerment. The Indian Yards Foundation has empowered rural and indigenous women from rural and indigenous communities who have transformed into first-generation artisans, mastering crafts like crochet, embroidery, and macrame​​. Their diligent hands, once limited to manual sewing machines, are now operating state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines, a dream turned reality.

Their introduction to these machines at the Indian Yards Foundation resource centre was nothing short of magical. Eyes sparkled with aspiration as the women envisioned not just working on these machines, but owning them - a symbol of their independence and skill. The Good Gift, a social enterprise born from the need to provide these artisans with a stable market, has played a pivotal role in turning this vision into reality​​​​.The past six months have been transformative. Through market linkages established by The Good Gift, the women have seen a steady increase in income, with months of earning Rs. 8,000-10,000 - bolstering their confidence and outlook towards life.

The necessity for a credit line was evident, and Rang De emerged as the perfect ally. With the support of Rang De and its community of social investors, 16 women were enabled to buy their own sewing machines - not as a charity but as a step towards dignified livelihood.

Witnessing the women managing the entire process, from selecting the dealer to the transportation and installation of the machines in their hamlets, was a testament to their enterprise and self-reliance. This wasn’t just about providing tools; it was about enabling these women to take control of their economic independence​​. In a significant stride towards financial Independence, these women are now repaying their social investors (SIs) with interest. This step is more than just a financial obligation; it's a proud declaration of their capability and success.

The journey that began with Rang De's belief in their potential is now coming full circle, as these artisans demonstrate their financial responsibility and gratitude.

The cycle of empowerment doesn’t end here. It's an invitation for more individuals to join in this empowering narrative. By investing with Rang De, you become a catalyst in a larger story of transformation, one that transcends monetary transactions.

As these machines hummed to life in their new homes, the excitement was palpable. Like a newborn being welcomed, these machines symbolise new beginnings, hope, and the unwavering spirit of these women.

This Deepavali, we don’t just celebrate the victory of light over darkness, but also the triumph of dreams, hard work, and the power of community. Invest in rural entrepreneurs today at —------------------------------------------------

Indian Yards Foundation is a Rang De Impact Partner , A non-profit dedicated to mobilisation, upskilling, and capacity building. The foundation's mission is aligned with the broader vision of the ecosystem, focusing on enhancing skills and building capacity in various crafts.

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