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Groundbreakers Challenge 3.0

Rang De’s Groundbreakers Challenge was launched to recognize and celebrate women-led micro and small businesses with potential and enable the creation of a  financially-inclusive community of self-reliant women entrepreneurs in India.

Through the initiative, Rang De aims to work with CSR partners to identify, shortlist and celebrate women-led entrepreneurs from across our partner communities and support them grow their businesses through a grant and mentoring and monitoring their progress wherever necessary.

This initiative aims to:

  • Recognize and empower women entrepreneurs.

  • Provide them with grants, mentoring, and consistent monitoring.

  • Instil pride among corporate employees by building a financially-inclusive community of self-reliant women entrepreneurs.

Winners for the Third Groundbreakers Challenge -We had 32 winners across three categories and the submissions came in from 15 Rang De Impact Partners.

There were 4 winners under the Small enterprise category who won ₹75,000 each. 12 winners bagged the Second Category i.e. Micro enterprise and won ₹50,000 each. The Last Category was Nano Enterprises with a cash prize of ₹25,000 and was bagged by 16 winners. 

Out of the 32 winners, 16 were Rang De Investees and the stories of the participants were equally inspiring. Here are few that stood out for the Jury -

  1. Mamta 

Mamta, from Gulaura village, has turned her life around with determination and strategic support. Originally a skilled tailor unable to finance her own business, she utilised her leadership roles in the Jai Maa Durga Gram Sangathan and the Jai Maa Santoshi Self-Help Group (SHG) to secure a Rs. 50,000 loan. This initial step allowed her to open a tailoring centre with two sewing machines, which has now grown to serve 40-50 girls and expand by three more machines under her mentorship.

Beyond tailoring, Mamta diversified her income sources by opening a clothing store, complementing her husband’s grocery business. Her ventures collectively earn Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 9,000 monthly, culminating in an annual income of Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 1,10,000. This income significantly uplifts her family's living standards and stability.

Mamta’s journey is a testament to overcoming financial and social hurdles through community support and entrepreneurial zeal. Her efforts not only secured her family's future but also set a precedent for economic empowerment in her village, inspiring many to follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps.

 2. Jyotsna

Jyotsna Sahu's story from Thakurmunda, Odisha, illustrates resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. Married young and quickly realizing her husband's betel shop income was insufficient, Jyotsna started making and selling local sweets and snacks. Despite initial challenges, her venture grew, enabling her to contribute Rs 5000 monthly to household expenses. 

The sudden loss of her husband to jaundice plunged the family into crisis, halting her elder son's education due to financial constraints. Faced with rejection from her in-laws regarding her husband's property, Jyotsna turned to her local Self-Help Group (SHG), SKS Finance, and PRADAN for support. Loans and business training helped her expand the betel shop into a broader retail operation, improving her family's financial situation.

Today, Jyotsna plans to grow her business further, inspired by the positive impact on her SHG peers and driven by the hope of future success and stability for her family.

The 32 esteemed winners of the Third Groundbreakers Challenge, illustrate the potent blend of determination, innovation, and communal support in charting paths of success against the odds. 

The Groundbreakers Challenge does more than just recognize these remarkable women; it empowers them with the resources and guidance to elevate their ventures to new heights. By facilitating grants, mentoring, and continuous monitoring, the initiative fosters an ecosystem where women entrepreneurs can thrive, contribute to their communities, and pave the way for future generations.

As we celebrate the success of the Third Groundbreakers Challenge, we also look forward to the continued growth and achievements of its participants. Their journeys from small beginnings to stages of wider recognition and impact embody the essence of resilience, creativity, and communal effort. Let their stories serve as a clarion call to action for all stakeholders—individuals, communities, and corporates alike—to foster environments that nurture the dreams and aspirations of women entrepreneurs across India.

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