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Impact Dialogues #2 – Empowering women across India

Confidently smiling, rural women entrepreneurs stand together inside a hut, showcasing their strength and determination.

The second episode of Impact Dialogues was held on 11th March.

Women leaders, investees, and social investors from across the country shared inspiring stories of growth and perseverance. Opening key discussions about the challenges in the lives of women.

Our partners Sati Samudaya Kosh (SSK) and Dhriiti – The courage within, participated to share stories of the investees, the impact they have been creating and the challenges in the lives of fellow women. The theme for the meet was ‘Financial Independence of Women.’ Eliminating barriers and empowering women to be financially independent.

To speak on the same we had Prema Gopalan, a representative at SSK one of our proud Impact partners, shedding light on the key developments that have been taking place since their collaboration with Rang De. SSK provides innovative community-driven financial services to self-help group (SHG) members. Enabling the community to capitalize on its ability to tap larger sources of capital and move funds efficiently, facilitating immediate, less burdensome scale-up of ground-level enterprises. SSK endeavours to empower women SHGs members by helping them join the financial mainstream and scaling up their access to formal sources of credit to meet a spiralling demand for productive and household activities.

Since 2018, they have been able to create a chain of enterprises, trade services and value added product lines for the women in their community.

Ms Prema Gopalan also emphasises how the intervention with Rang De has changed the credit scenario in the rural ecosystem and helped women to be financially independent. Watch here as she shares a brief account of the same. It takes tremendous courage and conviction to challenge outdated and unfair societal practices and conditioning. But, it can be done if women come together in support of each other.

Such has been the effort of Dhriiti – the courage within our newest Impact Partner, in empowering women of the Northeast. Dhriiti creates Financially, Socially and Ecologically impactful entrepreneurs and enterprises to generate sustainable livelihoods and work with marginalized communities across geographies. A real account of one of the investees reaping the benefits of a fruitful partnership with Dhriiti and Rang De was shared during the meet. Diana has been able to set up her tourism agency and had made several tie-ups for her venture, she is positive about her expedition and yearns to prove her grit. Watch her speak in this video and take pride in the value your investments bring. Some insightful experiences of Dhriiti’s sixteen year-long journey were shared by Nidhi Gupta, Director at Dhriiti who realises the enormous contributions young women can make to their country, with extended support and a little empathy. Both our partners play a vital role in the overall development of women in the communities and go a step beyond providing credit. They also look into their social issues and support them extensively to lead a better life. An expert of which you can watch here.

Women’s Day presents women with an opportunity to renew their commitment to work together to empower themselves and the next generation of young Indian women. These small strides come together to contribute towards a larger goal of economic development — increasing access to livelihood, working towards eliminating poverty and propelling economic growth.

Do check out the playlist of Impact dialogues #2 and write at and I will make sure you don’t miss out on the next session happening this 27th of march.

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