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Impact Dialogues – Connecting communities across India

a transformative dialogue session where individuals, sitting on the floor, passionately engage in empowering conversations.

Our Social Investors and borrowers in conversation during one of the field trips last year.

At Rang De we firmly believe in the power of human resilience. A tinge of which can make one bounce back from life’s challenges & unforeseen difficulties.

The recent pandemic had tested the grit of our community, but we came out unscathed only because our Social Investors, Impact partners and borrowers held together hale and hearty.

Our community brims with resilience, the excerpts of which were the highlights of our first virtual meet – ‘Impact Dialogues’ which bloomed as a need to bring back those unfiltered, insightful conversations that were key to understanding the variables that shaped our community time after time.

A substitute for the ‘Rang De field trips’ that gave our Social Investors a chance to meet with our borrowers and get to know about their livelihood, family, challenges, dreams etc. These experiences are the building blocks of the mutual empathy that binds our community together.

Impact dialogues is a forum to reopen discussions between our community of Social Investors, Impact partners and borrowers. The first episode of which was held on the 20th Feb.

Our social investors interacted with two Impact partners – Sesta & EA and their borrowers. Both the partners work with hundreds of farmers, young entrepreneurs & women-led businesses, pioneering development & entrepreneurship in the northeastern states.

Entrepreneurs Association(EA), one of the partner teams joining the forum works intricately with the youth of Nagaland. They train and mentor First Generation Entrepreneurs, encouraging them to take society forward as a part of their success.

Three entrepreneurs from EA joined the meeting and shared their success stories. All three of them run completely different models of business. Watch them sharing their journey firsthand here

The next interesting story is from a group of indigenous farmers working in the remote coves of Assam who are backed by our Impact partner – SeSTA (Seven sisters development assistance). They look beyond the credit needs of the borrowers and work to holistically develop the livelihood of the community.

Here is an excerpt of how they walk an extra mile to support the remote farmers.

The Impact Dialogues serves as a mirror to the ground realities of our fellow Indians. Lend an ear to these dialogues and understand the significant role you can play to help them sustain.

The next impact dialogue is to be held on 13th March and focuses on financial independent women. Write to us at or leave a comment and we’ll tune you in for the next session of Impact Dialogues.

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