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Interview with a Young Social Investor : Akhil Siddharth

We have an inspiring conversation with Akhil Siddharth, a UChicago Fellow working in the Digital Health Space. With an engineering background and experience as a software developer at Walmart Global Tech India, Akhil brings a unique perspective to social investing. Let's dive into his journey with Rang De as a Social Investor.

Trusting Rang De

Q: How did you come across Rang De?

Akhil: I stumbled upon Rang De while listening to the All Things Policy podcast. Smita and Ram, the founders, eloquently discussed Rang De's mission and evolution. Intrigued, I visited their website and downloaded the app.

The user experience was so seamless that I made my first investment within 24 hours. The mission resonated with me deeply, and I felt compelled to contribute.

Q: How did you overcome the scepticism often associated with peer-to-peer lending?

Akhil: Rang De's meticulous curation of investment opportunities and Smita's insightful weekly newsletters helped me understand the tangible impact being made. Additionally, the founders' long-standing commitment to this space instilled a sense of trust.

Why Social Investing?

Q: What drove you to choose social investing over traditional options like stocks or crypto?

Akhil: While I do invest in traditional options, social investing offers a unique blend of empowerment and financial return. It's not a donation; it's a way to make a lasting impact. The cumulative effect of small investments can transform lives, making it a cost-effective way to bring about change.

Q: What's an often-overlooked benefit of social investing?

Akhil: Unlike one-time donations, social investing creates a cycle of empowerment. You get your money back, and the beneficiary gains financial independence. It's a win-win.

Q: Do you have a favourite investment type at Rang De?

Akhil: I'm a fan of the funds concept. It allows me to invest in a theme, and Rang De allocates the money accordingly. This diversifies the impact and minimises risk.

The Investment Journey

Q: Could you walk us through a typical investment process?

Akhil: I usually start by opening the Rang De app and reviewing various investment cases based on their ratings, stories, and funding targets. Depending on my interest, I either invest in a fund or help an individual reach their funding goal.

Q: Any personal stories that have touched you?

Akhil: I once met a street hawker trapped in a cycle of high-interest debt. Rang De's model could break such cycles by providing low-cost credit, spread across multiple investors.

The Rang De Experience

Q: How has your interaction with the Rang De team been?

Akhil: The team is incredibly committed and open to feedback. Interacting with them at the Bangalore meet-up was truly inspiring.

Q: What are your future plans with Rang De?

Akhil: I plan to continue investing and also contribute to the platform's technological advancements through feedback.

Q: What would you say to someone your age considering social investing?

Akhil: Allocate a portion of your portfolio to social investing. It keeps you grounded and makes you aware of the privileges you've been born into.

Q: Who, according to you, can become a social investor at Rang De?

Akhil: Anyone with a stable income and a desire to make the world a better place should consider becoming a social investor at Rang De.

So there you have it, folks!

Akhil Siddharth's journey with Rang De is a testament to the power of social investing and how easy it is to get started with us. If you're looking to make an impact while also diversifying your investment portfolio, Rang De might just be the platform for you.

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Jan 21

Keep up the great work, Akhil!

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