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Introducing the Systematic Social Investment Plan – Product Update

Make social investment more effective and efficient with Systematic Social Investment Plan (SSIP).

Product Update
Social Investment has become crucial and what better way to invest when you have a plan in place. A Systematic Social Investment Plan is something that we all are aware of. When an investment is mixed with social outcomes, it often leads to impactful results. Rang De has been the platform for our social investors to make an impact in people’s life by making a social investment. Now, you can fix your social investment for a particular tenure and let the new feature do its magic.

We have come up with a new feature in our product that will not only enable you to fix your investment but also continue the endless loop of creating impact.

What is a Systematic Social Investment Plan?

It is a monthly recurring social investment plan that enables you to fix an amount that you would like to invest every month and it will be debited from your account directly. Once, the amount is fixed and the tenure is selected, you can just sit back and relax.

Our product will map your dashboard and based on your prior investments, it will automatically select the investees you would like to invest in. You can also set your preferences in terms of the region and the type of investees you want to invest in.

How does it work?

We want to make your experience on our platform smooth and efficient. All you have to do is switch the feature on from your dashboard.

  1. Go to your dashboard (

  2. Select the Systematic Investment Plan

  3. Select the amount you want to invest eg. INR 5,000

  4. Select the tenure eg. 1 year

  5. Select the region where you want to invest eg. Maharashtra

  6. Choose the type of investees you want to invest in eg. Agripreneur, Food Entrepreneur etc.

  7. Start investing

Once, you have set your preferences, it will urge you to finalize the mode of payment and every month on that particular date, the set amount will be deducted from your account.

process - product update

How does it help?

You must be wondering how this new product feature is going to help or make social investment more effective and efficient. For instance, Rishab is one of our social investors. He has been investing every month for the past many years. However, sometimes Rishab tends to miss out on investing due to work pressure and a hectic schedule.

The Systematic Social Investment Plan enabled Rishab to fix an amount every month that he was already investing in the past and he automated the entire process. Now, even if he forgets he knows that the new feature is going to make his share of social investment. Moreover, he has a fixed return on his investments now.

He continues to create an impact in the lives of many people and continues to create livelihoods for people. Also, whenever Rishab gets the repayment he uses the Auto Invest feature to use the available repayment funds in his account to create impact.

In times like these, SSIP you to support our communities in dire economic times.

Use the SSIP feature on your dashboard today and help to provide immediate and continued COVID-19 relief to these communities, We hope we were able to help you understand more about our new feature and we hope to see you using our new feature soon.

In case, you are yet to experience the magic of social investment, sign up at and explore our dashboard to set up the Systematic Investment Plan today!

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