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Launching The Carbon Collective

On the 22nd of April 2023, Rang De, in collaboration with C-GEM (Centre for Grower-centric Eco-value Mechanisms), Say Trees, and Farmers For Forests, embarked on an inspiring venture in Bangalore—an initiative to establish a Carbon Collective.

This momentous event marked the beginning of a journey towards leveraging carbon credits as a mechanism for community welfare. This blog provides insights into the discussions held during the session and outlines the vision for this innovative approach.

Understanding Carbon Credits and Sustainability

The session commenced with an introduction to carbon credits and the critical role of land-based interventions in addressing sustainability challenges. The need for behavioural changes in farmers, rather than merely altering the mechanisms of their activities, was emphasised. It became evident that transitioning to sustainable options required a holistic approach encompassing environmental, social, and economic factors.

A thought-provoking concept, 'Carbon Colonialism,' was introduced during the discussions to highlight the fact that carbon emissions are primarily higher in the global north, leading to a greater demand for carbon credits. This raised questions about the feasibility of creating a domestic market for generated credits. Furthermore, if the global north continues to be the largest purchaser of these credits, the need to sell credits at a premium, ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of benefits was discussed as a means of challenging Carbon Colonialism. Strategies to leverage initiatives such as the GOI’s Green Credits, as well as the GCF (Green Climate Fund) were discussed.

The lifespan and costs associated with different carbon projects were thoroughly examined and different opportunities to work together on various value-added activities and scope to reduce costs were explored. Understanding the duration of these projects and the expenses involved was crucial to designing an effective carbon fund leveraging Rang De's platform. By comprehending the intricacies and financial implications of carbon initiatives, the aim was to develop a sustainable model that maximises the impact on communities and the environment.

Establishing The Carbon Collective

After a sumptuous lunch, we regrouped to set up "The Carbon Collective." This collective was envisioned as a platform that prioritises community welfare, biodiversity, transparency, and benefit sharing mechanisms and operates through the principles of free prior informed consent. The primary mission was to improve livelihoods, with carbon credits serving as an ancillary benefit. By focusing on the well-being of communities and incorporating sustainable practices, The Carbon Collective aims to create a positive ripple effect on both human lives and the environment.

While we continue the journey by speaking to various project leaders and other stakeholders to devise a model that enables peer-to-peer (P2P) investments in the realm of the environment and carbon credits, we are working towards harnessing the power of collective action and aligning financial interests with ecological goals to revolutionise the way environmental projects are funded and supported.

The establishment of The Carbon Collective represents an exciting milestone in the pursuit of community welfare through carbon credits. As the project progresses, we will share more information about the evolving framework, collaborations, and potential opportunities for your collaboration towards this initiative.

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