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Life at Rang De - Preethu Mathew, Operations Manager

Hailing from the picturesque state of Kerala, Preethu Rachel Mathew's life is woven with her many passions, such as singing, drawing, driving, and fishing. She is our very own influencer known for handling vehicles of all sizes & types and we take pride in having her in our team.

A sense of intrigue towards machines and automation led her to pursue Mechanical Engineering from Christ University in Bangalore, setting the stage for a remarkable career journey. As a student, she was lauded for her academic excellence and was always at the forefront of various extracurricular activities.

Upon graduation, Preethu came across a job opening at Rang De, it piqued her interest. The concept of Investing in people of India was something she felt she could contribute to, and thus began her role as the Operations Manager at Rang De in 2019.

Preethu's four year tenure at Rang De has been an exhilarating journey. The mission and values that underpin the organization resonate deeply with her, and she is profoundly inspired by the work they do.

An average day for Preethu at Rang De is a busy mix of responsibilities. She starts her day at 8:30 AM by tying up loose ends of investor communications and prepares for the daily review meeting. After a team catch-up at 9:30, she dives into her daily tasks which include coordinating with teams to ensure resolution of queries, handling payment failures, ensuring KYC submissions and verifications, utilizing unallocated credit, managing outstanding repayments, and handling equity communications and influencer project loans. She wraps up the day with a Q&A session at 6 PM with potential social investors.

Preethu plays a vital role in Rang De’s mission by bridging the gap between social investors, impact partners (borrowers), and the Rang De team. She constantly strives to maintain a standard of excellence in addressing concerns, demonstrating empathy, maintaining transparency, providing timely feedback, and fostering collaboration within the team.

Throughout her tenure, she's faced a myriad of challenges, including explaining Rang De's model to individuals who didn't fully grasp it. With patience and effective communication, she managed to guide them through the process. Notably, she navigated an instance of escalating non-repayment for TIP loans and implemented a strategy that ensured an 85% success rate in on-time repayments.

Working with Rang De has been a transformative experience for Preethu. She's gleaned invaluable lessons on the significance of patience, empathy, and transparency, values that have since been deeply embedded in her work ethic.

As she forges ahead, Preethu anticipates further contributing to Rang De, utilizing the best of her capabilities to enhance the organization. Her journey with Rang De is a testament to her unwavering commitment and a shining example of passion turning into purpose.

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