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Enabling Livelihoods In Northeast India Through Access To Credit

The Northeast of India, with its verdant landscapes and vibrant cultures, is also a land of untapped potential and resilient spirits.

The stories of Bijoy Boro from Udalguri, Assam, and Kudukholu from Kohima, Nagaland, embody this resilience. Their journeys, backed by Rang De, mirror the aspirations of many in this region and underscore the critical role of the Northeast Fund.

Bijoy Boro's Story

A tea farmer backed by Rang De

Bijoy Boro, a tea farmer from Udalguri, Assam, found himself at a crossroads with his two income sources, tea cultivation and a DTP computer centre, severely affected by the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bijoy Boro's life as a tea farmer and DTP computer centre owner was well settled. However, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, disrupting both his tea cultivation and his computer centre operations. Amidst these trying times, Bijoy found hope in Rang De Social Investors.

Profession: Tea Farmer and DTP Computer Centre Owner Credit Received: Two loans from Rang De worth ₹11,000

Impact: - Investment in tea plantation leading to increased yield and income

- Financial autonomy in family decision-making

- Enhanced financial stability through digital transactions and banking

Role of 8 Rang De Social Investors: Critical support in rebuilding livelihood through affordable credit

Goals: Expansion of tea plantations and establishment of new computer shops

Confidence in Rang De: Acknowledgment of Rang De’s low-interest rates, flexible EMIs, and accessible terms

Kudukholu's Journey

A retial entrepreneur in North East backed by Rang De

Kudukholu from Kohima, Nagaland, is a retail store owner and the elder sister to four younger siblings, her days are filled with managing her business and taking care of her family. However, reduced income due to external challenges began impacting both her business and household expenses, casting a shadow of uncertainty over her future.

Profession: Retail Store Owner

Role of 82 Rang De Social Investors: Timely loan of 1.5 lakh rupees in 2021

Impact: Business investment and purchase of vehicle for goods transportation led to significant boost in income and savings.

Achievements: Essential maintenance of home, fostering security and pride

Empowerment through Rang De: Financial independence and confidence in dreams

About the Northeast Fund

At its core, the Northeast Fund is more than just financial aid; it's a catalyst for change.

It aims to:

Support Farmers: By providing credit for agricultural inputs, the Fund ensures successful harvests and sustainable farming practices.

Empower Entrepreneurs: It aims to bridge the credit gap for local entrepreneurs, focusing on women's economic empowerment.

Why Your Investment Matters

Investing in the Northeast Fund means investing in stories like Bijoy's and Kudukholu's.

Your Social Investment:

  • Creates livelihood opportunities in rural communities.

  • Provides financial returns with interest.

  • Fosters sustainable development and empowers individuals to achieve their dreams.

Bijoy and Kudukholu are not just beneficiaries; they are symbols of hope and progress. By investing in the Northeast Fund, you're not just providing financial resources; you're becoming a part of someone's success story.

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