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Rang De “Student Ambassador”

Introducing Rang De "Student Ambassador"

Rang De Campus Ambassador is an internship program like no other. It encapsulates the true spirit of Rang De’s principles and values of last-mile financial inclusion.

You have the best opportunity to stand out among your peers and achieve your career goals while also winning some exciting rewards and learning some real-world skills like marketing, communication and leadership.

We have listed down the points which make this internship special:

Reputation of the Organization: Rang De is an RBI-regulated P2P NBFC. Who can say no, right?

Type of Work Involved: Dynamic role! Immense opportunities to learn and grow.

Location: Work from Home!

Potential for Networking: Huge! Also, it is the best for your professional development.

Culture/Atmosphere of the Organization: The best you’ll find anywhere. We can bet on that!

Enter the community of top student leaders and be a Campus Sensation. Become a Rang De “Student Ambassador”, and create an impact by helping our community of investors grow.

As a Rang De “Student Ambassador”, your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating a buzz about Rang De and Social investing among your peers, friends & family

  • Trendify the Social Investing concept by spreading the Rang De vibe.

  • Conduct on-campus seminars and drive awareness about social investing using your presence.

  • Introduce students and young people to social investing through referral campaigns

Growth Opportunities

  • Learn from a team of highly talented professionals and marketing specialists at Rang De

  • Learn what it takes to build a community

  • Acquire Leadership skills during the course of your internship

Eligibility Criteria

1. Excellent Communication skills

2. Desire to leverage one’s skills for the greater good

3. Willingness to learn and adapt

4. Result/Target oriented


1. Certificates for all interns who are part of the program

2. A letter of Recommendation for super performers

3. Learning vouchers to access online courses

4. Rang De Merchandise + bragging rights

5. Success fee for every referral

Help build our investor community by seeking out and recruiting like-minded individuals to join our mission.

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