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Snehal's Journey as an Overseas Social Investor with Rang De

Snehal Damke is a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in the startup industry. As a Rang De Social Investor for the past five years, he has focused on enabling individuals in need through affordable and accessible credit. 

Over the years, Snehal Damke has generated 1101 days of livelihood across various Indian states through his social investments.

Snehal Damke Rang De Social Investor

Excerpts from the interview -

Leslin: Snehal, can you tell us about your journey as a Rang De Social Investor?

Snehal Damke: Of course. I’ve been a Rang De Social Investor for the past five years. My journey started with a friend's recommendation. Before Rang De, I used to invest through various platforms, NGOs, and government portals, contributing significant amounts annually. 

However, I often faced a lack of transparency and accountability. I could never be sure how my money was being utilised or if it was reaching those in need.

Leslin: What led you to choose Rang De over other platforms?

Snehal: My concern for accountability pushed me to explore Rang De. During a visit to Delhi, I was browsing their website at the airport. I was impressed by the transparency and detailed data on how funds are managed and tracked. The stories of beneficiaries and the feedback loops in place convinced me to give it a try. I started with an initial investment of ₹15,000 in 2018. Seeing the seamless flow of funds and the tangible impact on the beneficiaries boosted my confidence.

Leslin: You have an extensive professional background. How does your career align with your role as a social investor?

Snehal: With 15 years of experience in the startup industry, I’ve worked in Hong Kong, China, and now in the Middle East. Despite my professional commitments overseas, my roots are in a socially active middle-class family in Nagpur. My family has been involved in social reform and public service for the last six to eight decades. This background instilled in me a strong sense of social accountability. My grandfather, who was active in politics and social platforms, was a significant influence.

Leslin: How did your social impact journey begin?

Snehal: My efforts towards social impact began with my first job, where I started with modest contributions. Over the years, this commitment to making a difference has only intensified. 

With Rang De, I focus on individuals who need small loans to improve their lives. I prefer supporting individuals rather than broader social causes. One memorable instance was my investment in a woman needing a sewing machine to sustain her livelihood. Such targeted support can create profound impacts on individuals’ lives.

Leslin: What sets Rang De apart for you?

Snehal: The assurance of seeing my social investments at work, along with the transparent return of funds, solidified my belief in Rang De’s model. I appreciate knowing exactly where my money goes and how it benefits the end recipients. For me, it’s not about the interest earned but the tangible evidence that my contributions are making a real difference. Despite being based outside India for several years, I maintain my commitment to investing regularly, driven by the impact I see through the platform.

Leslin: What would you say to someone considering social investment?

Snehal: I would advocate for Rang De, emphasising its dual strengths of ownership and transparency. These aspects address the primary concerns of any investor, ensuring that funds are used effectively and reach the intended beneficiaries. 

Snehal’s journey with Rang De is a testament to the power of transparent, accountable social investment and its ability to transform lives at the grassroots level. 

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Rang De is proud to have a community of 10000+ social investors like Snehal who make change possible in the lives of individuals through a single click!

You can become a social investor today at - create impact and get repaid with interest!

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