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How do you describe a friendship with someone you have never met but bonded so well! How do you stand up for what is right, speaking your mind without worrying about consequences? How do you love someone you have never met unconditionally?

Surekha stood for all of this and a lot more. Surekha was a special friend. I met her on Twitter but felt so close to her. She was authentic, loved what we do at Rang De and evangelised us. She gave me the reason to be on Twitter, it reinforced the fact that there were wonderful people like her who I could connect with. It's a different thing that I never found anyone quite like her.

I learned a lot about courage from Surekha. Her love could heal broken hearts. Her tweets gave me a glimpse into who she was as a person. Her love for her little one, perspectives and learnings from the little one's paintings or actions really made me realise how open Surekha was to learning from everyone.

In a world where speaking up and standing for what is right has meant stupendous courage, Surekha clearly showed us all the way. Her passing on is really a great loss to humanity. She will always remain an inspiration and continue to remind us of what it means to stand up and show up when we are required to.

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