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Ram Ujagir standing in front of scenic mountain view in Uttar Pradesh

Ram Ujagir is a construction worker based in Jagtapur, Uttar Pradesh.

We all have at some point in our lives sought extra credit to help us with our needs. A bank will be willingly providing us with the help we need. But that might not be the case with those who are financially excluded.

Access to credit is very limited especially to people with varying and substantially low income, who earn hand to mouth. They are less likely to receive credit from financial institutions.

The only choice left is to seek informal loans, be it from their neighbours, family, work authorities, or local money lenders. Usually paying a high-interest rate which is often decided as per the lender’s convenience.

Since the lockdown began there has been an urgent need for credit. Our social investors pooled a big amount for our farmers and rural entrepreneurs disbursed through our impact partners. But we look forward to reaching beyond our limitations and help anyone who is in need of credit. One step towards achieving this is through our Influencer Project which enables us to network with more borrowers with the help of our social investors.

At Rang De we aim to create a financial ecosystem where we can serve underserved markets and improve their borrowing capabilities by leveraging new age technologies making credit user friendly, secure and hassle free.

By lending through Rang De, you are now transforming an act of generosity into an act of longer-term financial inclusion. Similar is the case of Ram Ujagir who was lucky to have his employer as a part of the TIP helped him get financial assistance more formally.

Ram Ujagir is a construction worker based in Jagtapur, Uttar Pradesh. He has been saving diligently to refurbish his house. Ram needed a fund of Rs 20000 to make ends meet.He had two ways to meet his credit needs. He could either seek a formal loan or take an informal loan, both of which asked him to pay high-interest rates for a small amount. What Ram wanted was a customized loan, with low-interest rates and suitable repayment tenure. This is when Prashant Zawar, our Social Investor, and his employers came to his rescue.

Ram is a trusted employee of Prashant for the last 7-8 years. This mutual trust amongst each other enabled a scope for lending credit. Prashant is deeply invested in creating livelihood opportunities for his fellow workers. So he did not wish to lend Ram informally rather wanted him to have access to credit formally, which would benefit him in the longer run.

Prashant Zawar being mindful of The Influencer Project by Rang De, helped Ram raise the amount through social investing. It is an opportunity to leverage your influence to make real change in the life of someone you know closely. By doing this, Ram now has a credit history that would help him access loans from institutions.

The Rang De Influencer Project (TIP) enables you to refer someone you can trust and interact with regularly to receive a formal loan through Rang De. This makes credit affordable and accessible to everyone. This could include your domestic worker, driver, cook, carpenter, dog walker, anyone you can vouch for, who is also financially excluded. By lending through our platform, you are helping this person build a credit score, and hence enabling them to access credit more easily.

At such unprecedented times, the power of social investing has helped people like Ram to fulfill their dream. Digital lending ecosystem has the potential to aid the country’s economic growth while being drivers of financial inclusion. Join the Influencer Project and support those around you seeking credit. You may be their best hope.

Visit us at to be a part of the influencer community.

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