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Not too late to empower fellow Indians

Last Saturday, we had the opportunity to bring together members of the SRIJAN federation, their field staff, and our investees. The discussion shed light on several subtleties of tribal livelihoods, such as the displacement of tribals and the resulting alienation from work and identity. They explained that empowering tribal women with microcredit through P2P platforms, has enabled them to revive their livelihood options. Part taking in livelihood activities has helped women contribute to family income. Microlending through P2P has given rise to socially conscious communities of lenders and socially responsible borrowers. Social lending via P2P platforms encourages citizens to earn profits by engaging in social impact, through mass collaboration. Your investment through our P2P platform has created a domino effect. Initially, our successful women borrowers experienced an increase in income, however, we soon realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg. Changes in income and purchasing power brought about changes in hopes and aspirations for the generations to come. Empowerment is the true reward/ benefit of investing through a P2P platform.

Here is how a P2P works

Steady technological advancement combined with the sluggish processes of our formal financial institutions gave way to the creation of digital financial services such as P2P (peer-to-peer) lending platforms. Essentially, a P2P platform connects individual (and small) borrowers to individual lenders, without the presence of an intermediary agency. Through its social networks and its ever-expanding online presence, the platform helps bring credible borrowers and lenders together so that lenders can directly invest in the borrower’s bank accounts. P2P platforms efficiently run background and credit checks on their stakeholders to provide quick and necessary services, by eliminating rigid and time-consuming intermediary processes.

What role does Rang De Play?

Rang De, a P2P platform brings lenders and investees from across the country together. We offer both interest-free as well as low-interest credit to vulnerable farmers, entrepreneurs, artisans, weavers, and students. This platform caters to both investee and investor interests. Investors can place a nominal interest rate of their choice on low-interest loans or choose to provide interest-free credit.

We aim to provide last-mile credit access to unbanked communities in rural India. To you i.e. our social investor, we guarantee transparency, ignite social responsibility and ensure personal satisfaction. Our partners explain that when investees recognize that the credit amount is given by someone like a peer, there is higher accountability. Peer-to-Peer platforms emphasize the humanness of the credit process. It reminds both the investee and the lender that there is someone at the other end. P2P platforms are rooted in empathy and empowerment.

Rang De as well as all of our investee communities recognize the importance of transparency and trust in this process and work earnestly towards returning your investment. Auto investment option encourages each investor to invest the returned sum, thereby providing an opportunity for livelihood to another. This cycle of investments and returns along with trust and transparency helps Rang De create empowerment networks.

Social investing in livelihood will provide marginalized communities with a fighting chance at social mobility. To know more visit or write to us at To engage with community borrowers, write to us and we will loop you in our monthly virtual discussions. 

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