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The much awaited updates at Rang De

Rang De has been able to establish connections across communities with the use of technology. For the last two years, we have been listening to your feedback and are working harder than ever to provide you with the best in class experience across our web & mobile platforms.

Countless brainstorming sessions, user interviews and prototypes have been done over the last few months to realize this new goal. To give you an investing journey at Rang De like never before. All the changes are being made by keeping the users at heart. I had a chance to catch up with our tech team to give you all a sneak peek at the upcoming overhaul. A lot of effort is being put to not only enable delightful experiences for you but to also improve the back-end infrastructure to enable us to process operations more quickly.

We have been employing the technique of Design Sprint, which enables us to test ideas quickly before taking them to a long development cycle. The process includes turning the ideas quickly into prototypes and testing them with users through interviews to get quick feedback. This is an iterative process that helps in refining the functionality or feature to be developed. In short, we test each feature multiple times with our users, before actually implementing them on our product.


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1. Borrower invest page To enable better discoverability of profiles we are revamping our Borrower invest page to help users search for relevant content easily. We have also tried to bring out awareness about the utilization of APR (Annualized Percentage Rate) as standard interest rates which are generally kept obscure in the industry to use at their advantage. APR is the annualized rate that considers all the costs applicable to the borrower for availing of the loan. The blue ‘Invest Button’ has evolved to more a dynamic one. It now shows the percentage of returns. Across the user interviews, we noticed new users were confused about the nature of our platform. They assumed it to be a charity. Rang De stands as a social investment platform and this tweak is it to assert the same.

A screenshot of Website to show User Interface

2. Onboarding experience To educate the new user about the concept of social investing (generally perceived as donating) in social space we have revamped our onboarding experience to help you know about social investing and guide them to complete their profile for a more wholesome experience.

A Screenshot instructing about RangDe profile
A Screenshot telling about RangDe

Every investor has some cause(s) that he/she is very passionate about. Given the chance to invest, who would you like to invest in first? We have been working to hear about your Passion Areas and provide a more personalized browsing experience so that you can discover the profiles you want to invest in readily.

A picture containing shape

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3. New Dashboard To take our users on an investment journey we will enable them to set & track goals regarding the impact they want to create, and then track it effectively across time. Various nudges regarding the frequency or specific days or occasions on which users want to invest will be built into the feature.

A Screenshot showing Impact Goals steps

Investing in social space has been a new concept and we do understand that there is a lot of information that a user has to digest while looking at the performance or impact he has created. We are working towards an intuitive dashboard that will provide key information at your fingertips and able to see details to the extent you want. 4. No more Jargons! A complete breakdown of the terms being used at Rang De. Helping you to be crystal clear about what’s happening. No wordplays, no fine print. Everything laid out for you in simple language. Check it out here 5. In website notifications We are creating a new website notification to help you keep updated. Well, with this we are limiting the chances of you missing any of the blogs, campaigns, impact dialogues, videos, events, product updates, newsletters and other happenings at Rang De.

A Screenshot showing about Notifications

On the back end, we have been putting in a lot of effort to not only streamline activities for quick processing and disbursal of applications but to also provide a seamless experience for investors by integrating with industry-standard applications like WhatsApp for interactions and Digio to enable easy KYC verification. 

A screenshot asking to finish KYC

The look and feel of our blog page are to be revamped. You’ll have a subscription option to receive notifications of our new blogs.

A screenshot showing various templates.
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