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Unlocking Potential: How Social Investments Are Powering  Quality Education

India boasts over 58,000 higher education institutions. However, 187.5 million out of 225 million students  aged 16 to 24 remain outside of these educational institutions. This gap can be attributed to lack of information, mentoring, no institutions in the area and most importantly - lack of timely, affordable credit to pursue educational opportunities of their choice. 

Addressing the credit gap in education

To help students pursue their dreams, Physics Wallah - a leading Indian EdTech company has recently launched the PW Institute of Innovation (PW- IoI).  Based in Bangalore, this institute offers a 4-year fully residential program in computer science and AI that will combine the best of industry-focused curriculum and real-world practical experience.  Powering the mission of leaving no student behind because of financial Constraints, Physics Wallah and Rang De launched the Physics Wallah Fund. The fund is making education inclusive and accessible by making top-notch learning content accessible through affordable loans. 

Need for social investments in education

This Physics Wallah Fund has made a significant impact on the lives of 55 young students who now have a shot at higher education and a better future. 314 Rang De social investors have invested ₹1.29 Crores and enabled higher education for students from low-income backgrounds at the Physics Wallah Institute of Innovation (PW-IOI). 

The Physics Wallah Fund is ensuring that aspiring students who have gained admission to the institute get access to affordable credit. Investments in this fund are not only enabling bright, meritorious students but also helping them build their credit scores.

From resolute engineers to budding designers, the fund has enabled students from diverse backgrounds to access quality education and pursue their dreams with confidence and determination. 

Abhishek from Assam has his eyes set on getting great at AI and Computer Science skills while Samriddhi from Rajasthan is enjoying PW IOI’s practical approach to learning. They both also want to thank Rang De social investors for enabling their dream. Listen to what they have to say about the chance at pursuing their dreams they got through the investments -

Harshit from Jharkhand tells us how the Rang De loan has given him a sense of responsibility and also made his dreams possible - 

To know more about The Physics Wallah Fund and invest in fuelling the dreams of these students, visit  today.

Every investment brings us one step closer to enable educated and inspired leaders of the future.  Join us in creating a sustainable and meaningful impact!

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