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When Bloggers Champion Social Investing: Blogchatter X Rang De

At the beginning of this year, we partnered with Blogchatter - a blogging community, with the intent of spreading the word about social investing and Rang De. Founded in 2016, Blogchatter is on a mission to provide a platform for bloggers to showcase their writing skills, connect with like-minded individuals and gain visibility. The community encourages bloggers to improve their writing skills, collaborate with others, and grow their audience by providing various resources and services. Our partnership with Blogchatter got writers from different disciplines to voice their views about social investing and the work Rang De does in enabling financial inclusion across India. Under the #causeachatter campaign by Blogchatter, 10 bloggers wrote about social investing as their selected cause. They wrote about the opportunity Rang De provides everyone to invest in rural entrepreneurs, create impact and get repaid with interest.

It was a new kind of collaboration for us where social investing was championed as a cause and we’re glad we could reach a new audience through Blogchatter and the bloggers.

Cindy also made a reel on Instagram:

We are thankful to all the bloggers for their efforts in understanding the concept of social investing and writing about it for their audience to join the greater movement of joining India’s credit revolution. If you want to become a social investor at Rang De and make a change in the lives of people, visit

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