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Why Rang De for Social Investing?

Today’s question is – Why should you choose Rang De for ‘doing good’? I’ll take you on a tour rather than simply stating the facts. Among most of us reading this article, there’s one thing in common. We work hard to earn our money and we either spend it or save it. Ahh, what a deduction! But, what differentiates us is what we spend our money on. So let’s zoom out and take a look at the larger picture. When we begin to demystify the Indian consumer, money comes off as a sacred entity. Indians are big on savings. We are cautious about what we do with our money. It shows in our highly price-sensitive consumer approach, or when we tight-rope walks on a shoestring budget in order to balance pragmatism and indulgence.

The underlying fact is that there’s a lot of scrutiny by the average Indian consumer when it comes to spending. That’s great! We aren’t reckless when it comes to money.

So products and services need to win over the Indian consumers. More so, just to entail the interest of the consumer, a unique proposition, a tantalizing promise if not backed by value shall lose the interest of the people.

An idiom that falls right in place for Indian consumers is once bitten, twice shy. The reason why trust and transparency become crucial factors to entice them.

Trust at the front seat of our drive.

We take pride in being the first social investing platform in India. Ours is an RBI-governed entity. There is a diligent responsibility on us to be transparent. It involves integrating policies, processes, audits, and being answerable. This ensures your investments are in the right hands.

What makes us stand out is our radical transparency. Our 8000+ Social Investors are a close-knit community of people who believe in our work because of our proven track record.

Many of our team members before joining the force were in fact Social Investors who experienced the value we provide.

Don’t worry if you’re new. A lot of our Social investors are, they are exploring the power of Social Investing firsthand.

Since our transition as NBFC P2P in September 2019, We made 30 crore rupees in disbursals with only 5800 Social investors, showing that the community is deeply invested in our vision.

Doing good should not cost your pocket.

Goodwill can’t scale the myriad of social problems we have in our country.

Today 500 bucks can get you a movie ticket and popcorn!

But an investment of Rs 500 can generate 10-11 days of livelihood for remote small-scale entrepreneurs. Enabling them to scale their venture. Your 500 bucks are crucial to them as they do not have accessible credit options, which limits their growth.

For every Rs 500 you invest, you get around Rs 518 – 532 as repayment, depending on the interest rates. Peer-to-peer lending ensures that the power of the collective is felt. No matter how small the investment is the impact is guaranteed to be massive. Because they are many Social Investors coming together to empower fellow Indians. But beyond the monetary returns, there’s an array of social problems that your investment solves.

Your investment at Rang De is put to use in : – Capacity Building – Resource allocation – Creditworthiness – Employability Financial inclusion

These are the first order of impact. But it doesn’t stop there. Your investment has the ability to create a multi-fold impact like -

– Improved access to education – Better standard of living – Economic Sustainability

Our Intuitive platform experience

Think of this, right at your fingertip you have access to hundreds of fellow Indians who are waiting to be empowered. Is there an easier way to do good?

More so, we are accountable to share with you the many strides your investment creates through Impact reports, newsletters, videos, etc. Our Tech team diligently works to provide the best investing experience keeping people at the centre of our innovation with –

  1. Timely nudges for investments

  2. Repayment alerts

  3. Campaign announcements

  4. Auto Investing feature

Lastly, the emphasis on data privacy and ensuring a safe environment is key to our social investing experience. We have incorporated mechanisms ensuring there are enough checks and processes established. We understand that we are moving people’s hard-earned money. It is of utmost importance to us, therefore, to keep everything in order.

For a detailed understanding of our security practices read

That’s about it. These are key things that make us unique and why you should choose Rang De for your social investing experience. I urge you to try it firsthand at

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