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Your Data is Safe With Us

Sharing personal data can be an anxious process for many of us and rightly so. With fear and mistrust at an all-time high, one can never be too cautious while sharing personal information on digital platforms and devices.

We at Rang De understand this and have taken several measures to protect your data. The Reserve Bank of India has placed guidelines on information security policies for P2P platforms like Rang De. As a digital lending platform, Rang De has access to a crucial investor, investee, and partner information. Keeping this in mind, Rang De has developed several strategies to protect your data.

Rang De's Information Security Practices

We acknowledge that access to personal information is a treasure chest for hackers, online bots, and advertisers.

As an ethical measure, we do not share social investor and investee data to third parties either directly or indirectly for advertising or for any other form of monetization. In fact, we use industry-leading security software that safeguards our servers against unwelcome traffic using advanced threat modeling and machine learning.

Information is securely stored in our servers in an encrypted fashion and access to this information is provided to only authorized admins.

We use multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of protection for our Amazon servers.

Personal information such as emails, addresses, photographs, passwords, KYC details, bank account numbers, and digital loan agreement documents are encrypted and stored safely. We encrypt and archive KYC documents in secure zones of our servers.

We do not store card numbers or CVV when an investor makes an investment.

Passwords can only be reset by a short-term, single-use secure token sent over the registered email.

Alongside these practices, we perform periodic information security audits to identify and fix loopholes using both internal and external CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor) and VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing).

Our website as well as our mobile applications have similar high-security standards. To know more about our security measures, please drop us an email at

Help us reach out to remote communities by investing in fellow citizens. Visit to know more about us and our impact.

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