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Akshayakalpa Farm Visit : A Perfect One Day Trip From Bangalore

If you're reading this from Bangalore, chances are you're tired of the city's hustle and bustle, of the same trips to malls and the movies. Every weekend is an opportunity to explore something new and we have the perfect one day trip from Bangalore as an option - an Akshayakalpa farm visit!

Situated at a driving distance from Bangalore, the Akshayakalpa farms are a green refuge for both adults and kids looking for an activity that brings together nature, organic food, lots of activities and connection with India's rural economy.

The Akshayakalpa Farm Visit : What to expect

Situated at Tiptur, Karnataka, the Akshayakalpa farms are spread over 24 acres of lush greenery. At a distance of only 150 kms from Bangalore, the farm is ideal for a drive down with your family of friends.

akshayakalpa farm visit
akshayakalpa farm

Home to the cows that produce Akshayakalpa's delicious and nutritious organic milk, the Akshayakalpa farm houses not just the cows and dairy farmers but the entire dairy setup. This setup is key to how Akshayakalpa stores organic milk safely and conveniently for your morning cup of tea or coffee!

During the farm visit, you will know more about :

  • organic milk : how it is produced and how it is different from commercial milk

  • the hygienic and careful way Akshayakalpa cows are treated

  • the operations of a dairy farm

Not just this information, an Akshayakalpa Farm Visit has wonderful activities for all age groups. If you are visiting with children, they will get an opportunity to touch and pet the cows and feed them fodder - an unforgettable experience away from screens and technology. Apart from interacting with the cows, you will be able to see organic produce grown on the Akshayakalpa farms and get to know more about our good food movement. Get a chance to harvest farm-fresh vegetables that will go towards the preparation of a fresh, organic meal!

The organic meal at Akshayakalpa is a delight - slow-cooked over woodfire and full of seasonal and nutritious vegetables, this meal is a highlight for children and adults both.

Along with your meal, you can enjoy a tour of the farm conducted by Akshayakalpa members. If you are staying for the night, you can enjoy the bonfire setup and a delicious farm style dinner as well.

akshayakalpa farm
Akshayakalpa one acre farm model

Ideal for all ages - this one day trip from Bangalore to Akshayakalpa Farms in Tiptur is just waiting to be explored! Book your Akshayakalpa Farm visit at

Akshayakalpa farm cows
akshayakalpa cows

Guidelines from Akshayakalpa team :

akshaykalpa farmer

Travel: The driving distance is approximately 150kms from Bangalore city which usually takes about three and a half hours to cover.

Timing: The farm visit timings are 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please plan your visit accordingly.

akshayakalpa farm
akshayakalpa canteen food

Tent stay: Overnight stay can be made available in the farm's all-weather tents. Please let the Akshayakalpa team know in advance to allow for appropriate preparations. Farm amenities include washroom facilities, pillows, bed sheets, blankets, and first–aid kits.

Food: Organic produce from the farms is used to prepare simple yet delicious food for you and your family during the course of your stay.

Akshayakalpa is India's leading organic dairy brand and a Rang De impact partner organisation. With Akshayakalpa, we have set up the Akshayakalpa Dairy Fund - a fund that lets you invest in Akshayakalpa's organic dairy farmers. All investments in this fund go as affordable credit to dairy farmers who use this amount to buy livestock and expand their dairy setup. Akshayakalpa dairy farmers repay investors with interest.

The Akshayakalpa Dairy Fund has raised more than Rs.5 crores for dairy farmers with amounts being disbursed to 420+ dairy farmers.

You too can invest in Akshayakalpa's farmers and enable days of livelihood for them while getting repaid at interest.

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