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Masoom Education: Empowering The Young Through Night Schools

Masoom Education is one of Rang De's remarkable Impact Partner Organisations. The organisation is dedicated to transforming the lives of underprivileged youth by giving them an opportunity to complete their education through night schools. 

This initiative is crucial because many young individuals have to work during the day and can only pursue their studies at night.

Masoom's approach is comprehensive, focusing not just on education but on creating a conducive learning environment with adequate infrastructure, well-trained teachers, and robust support systems. This holistic model ensures that students are not just attending classes, but are truly learning and thriving.

One of the flagship initiatives of Masoom is the Night School Transformation Programme (NSTP), which enhances the learning experience by improving physical infrastructure, providing digital learning tools, and training teachers to handle the unique challenges faced by night school students. These efforts have significantly increased attendance and graduation rates among students who otherwise might have dropped out of the education system.

The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) highlights that economic reasons are the most significant factor for children aged 6-13 not attending school. Moreover, the challenge does not end with enrollment; retaining students and ensuring their active participation poses another critical hurdle. Dropout rates in India are alarmingly high, with the largest percentage drop observed between the elementary and secondary school transition​ (​

Night schools offer a practical solution to this educational crisis. They provide a flexible learning option for students who must work during the day. 

This is where initiatives like Masoom Education step in. Masoom's mission is to transform night schools into vibrant learning centres equipped with the necessary resources to provide a quality education. By upgrading infrastructure, introducing technology in classrooms, and enhancing teacher training, Masoom aims to create an environment where education thrives even after sunset.

Masoom's efforts have yielded remarkable results:

  • 95 night schools transformed across Maharashtra, directly affecting 25000+ students.

  • Improved pass rates: The focused approach has significantly increased exam pass rates among students, contributing to their academic success and future opportunities.

  • Community engagement: By involving parents and local communities, Masoom has fostered a supportive ecosystem that enhances student attendance and engagement.

Under the leadership of Nikita Ketkar, Masoom has forged partnerships with other organisations and government bodies to expand its reach and effectiveness. The collaborative efforts ensure that the program remains relevant and continues to evolve based on the needs of the students and the dynamics of the educational sector.

803 social investors from Rang De have supported 20 graduates in launching their own businesses, including beauty parlours, cosmetics shops, and apparel stores. These ventures were made possible through collaborations with Masoom and a total of ₹18 lakhs in affordable loans. These loans have kick started new business opportunities and has ignited the spirit of entrepreneurship in young talent. 

By investing in the potential of night school students and supporting them through their entrepreneurial journeys, we are not just aiding in the creation of new businesses but are also building a more inclusive and economically sustainable future. 

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