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Rang De and Enable India : Powering Livelihoods For People With Disabilities


At Rang De, we believe in the power of Social Investing as a catalyst for empowerment. Our Social Investors have always been at the forefront to power every individual's willingness to thrive, regardless of their economic background.

This narrative extends to a vital partnership with Enable India, an organisation committed to enabling economic independence and dignity for people with disabilities (PwDs)​​.

Enable India: Championing Inclusivity and Empowerment

Since its inception in 1999, Enable India has emerged as a pillar of support and empowerment for people with disabilities (PwDs). Operating with a vision for a world where disabilities do not dictate opportunities, Enable India has impacted over 325,000 individuals across India, fostering economic independence through innovative employment and training initiatives​.

The journey of Enable India is a testament to the resilience and determination to transform lives. From customised programs for Public Sector Undertakings to the Educate Yourself Easily (EYE) Tool, which aids visually impaired individuals in gaining computer skills, Enable India's expansive reach has been a force of inclusive change​​.

Synergy with Rang De

Our collaboration with Enable India is a synergy of shared values and visions. Rang De's ethos of social investment aligns seamlessly with Enable India's mission, setting the stage for a transformative partnership that promises to unlock unprecedented possibilities for differently abled entrepreneurs.

Empowering Through Credit: The Rang De Model

Our model has been uniquely crafted to support Enable India’s network, ensuring that economic barriers do not hinder the aspirations of PwDs.

Through the 'Garv Se Centres', the aim is to enhance the livelihood ecosystem for PwDs.

Garv Se Center (GSC) is a nodal centre which strengthens the livelihood ecosystem of PwD through collaborating with stakeholders such as local Government, NGOs, Educational Institutions, Skilling partners, Volunteers, Parents of PwD, Employers, and any other relevant stakeholders to leverage their expertise and support for providing livelihood opportunities for PwD in the region. Enable India's role in this initiative is critical, as they help identify and recommend potential credit beneficiaries, ensuring that the support reaches those who need it most.

Roles and Responsibilities

In this partnership, Enable India and Rang De have well-defined roles. Enable India taps into its expansive network to introduce potential partner organisations in need of affordable credit.

Concurrently, Rang De commits to providing low-cost customised credit and comprehensive training. This dual approach ensures seamless onboarding and ongoing support for impact partners.

With special interest rates on Rang De's platform, we've tailored this partnership to be both feasible for borrowers and attractive for social investors.

These strategic financial solutions are designed to catalyse timely loan disbursals, but our vision extends beyond the immediacy of financial transactions. We are committed to nurturing a future where PwDs can partake in the economy with agency and dignity.

As we chart this journey together, we remain steadfast in our belief that economic empowerment is the cornerstone of building a society that values everyone equally. Through this collaboration, we're not just providing credit; we're investing in potential, in dreams, and in a more inclusive world that we all share.

Until now, 177 Rang De Social Investors have backed 28 borrowers through Enable India partnership by Investing over 7+ lakh rupees in ventures run by differently abled entrepreneurs.

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