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Youth4Jobs: Paving the Way for an Inclusive Future

Of late, there has been widespread discussion about the sixth round of India’s National Health & Family Survey (NHFS) not having questions around disabilities. India is home to a large population of people with disabilities.

According to a survey, over 2.21 % of the Indian population is disabled. With a limited amount of our country’s budget earmarked for disabilities and a lack of true inclusion, people with disabilities often do not get a true shot at realizing their potential. This stands even more true for entrepreneurs with disabilities.

But where society sees disability, Youth4Jobs sees an opportunity - an opportunity for empowerment, growth, and inclusion. Youth4Jobs is a trailblazing organisation that works to empower persons with disabilities through education and employment. Youth4Jobs aims to change mindsets, improve accessibility, and provide skills with job linkages.

A Closer Look at the Programs

Through Village Connect, Youth4Jobs establishes a connection with the rural youth, educating them and providing them with the necessary skills to secure employment.

Education is a powerful tool for empowerment.This program ensures that educational institutions are more inclusive and provide the necessary support to students with disabilities.

Corporate Connect bridges the gap between the corporate world and persons with disabilities. Through this program, Youth4Jobs has established over 1,400 corporate partnerships. This initiative not only helps individuals secure employment but also helps companies to understand and appreciate the value that persons with disabilities can bring to the workplace.

Impact and Real-Life Stories

One of the inspiring stories that exemplify the impact of Youth4Jobs is that of Karan from Nirmal District, Andhra Pradesh. Karan's family, primarily involved in farming, had an erratic annual income of 25,000 INR. Karan, who has hearing impairment, was encouraged by a Youth4Jobs alumni to join the foundation's 2-month training program. After completing the program, Youth4Jobs placed him in 'Soda Bottle Opener Wala,' an Indian chain restaurant in Hyderabad, as a Customer Service Associate. Karan is elated to be able to support his family financially. He sends half of his salary home, which is used for medical expenses and better nutrition.

Youth4Jobs x Rang De: A Partnership for Empowerment

Youth4Jobs, in partnership with Rang De, is breaking the vicious cycle of unemployment among persons with disabilities. Through this partnership, young entrepreneurs with disabilities are given an opportunity to sustain and grow their enterprise.

The fund established through this partnership allows you to invest in small businesses owned and founded by young entrepreneurs with disabilities. This investment can enable these entrepreneurs to generate incomes of up to Rs. 20,000 per month, which is a significant step towards dignified self-employment.

Youth4Jobs, a not-for-profit organisation, has been at the forefront in focusing on youth with disabilities. Through various programs, Youth4Jobs has been making youth with disabilities self-sufficient. The partnership with Rang De exemplifies how collaboration can have a transformative impact on the lives of persons with disabilities.

You can now join the movement and invest in youth4jobs fund at

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