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You Can Power Community Tourism Through Rang De

Community tourism is an innovative approach to sustainable tourism that places local communities at the heart of planning, development, and management of tourism activities. This form of tourism is especially vital in addressing the economic and environmental challenges faced by rural communities in India.

By focusing on community tourism, these communities can diversify their income sources beyond traditional agriculture, which is often vulnerable to climate change and other external shocks.

Rang De, understanding the potential of community tourism, is actively engaging with its impact partners to develop and implement community tourism initiatives. This involves creating a road map to guide communities in leveraging their unique cultural and natural assets to attract tourists.

Rang De also provides crucial capacity-building support to its partners, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this sector.

Financial Support for Infrastructure Development

A key aspect of Rang De's involvement is addressing the financial needs that arise from developing community tourism infrastructure. Rang De facilitates this through its platform, raising funds for improving community facilities to meet tourist demands. This approach not only enhances the tourism experience but also ensures the sustainability of these initiatives.

Eco-Friendly Homestays: Rang De collaborates with community organisations to create environment-friendly homestay prototypes in various locations, aiming to improve the resilience and income of climate-affected households.

Collaboration with Partners: Rang De has partnered with organisations like Manjari Foundation in Rajasthan, AKRSP (I) in Gujarat, Suyatri in Karnataka, Entrepreneurs Associates in Nagaland, and Gram Vikas in Odisha. These partnerships focus on designing and implementing community tourism programs.

Activities and Approaches:

  • Development of prototypes for construction of homestays.

  • Fundraising through Rang De’s peer-to-peer lending platform for loans required in the projects.

  • Training and workshops for community members.

  • Collaborating with partners for fundraising, providing training, market development, and legal support.

Specific Project Details:

In Karnataka with Suyatri, workshops and training sessions were held, and a day tour program was initiated. Financial details of the project include a credit requirement of INR 4.5 Lakhs, with loans for SHG members at a 6% interest rate. In Gujarat with AKRSP(I), a workshop and mock visit were conducted, with a total credit requirement of Rs 1.5 L for upgrading six houses into homestays.

Community Tourism as a Sustainable Livelihood Option

Community tourism offers a sustainable alternative for income generation, allowing communities to be less dependent on agriculture. This is crucial in the context of climate change, as diversified income sources provide a buffer against environmental and economic fluctuations. Furthermore, community tourism aligns with the growing trend of travellers seeking authentic and sustainable experiences, opening up new markets for these communities.

Rang De's engagement in community tourism represents a strategic move towards sustainable development. By focusing on empowering local communities, providing financial support, and building partnerships, Rang De is not only contributing to the growth of sustainable tourism in India but also enhancing the resilience and economic wellbeing of rural communities.

This initiative is a testament to the transformative power of community-based approaches in addressing contemporary challenges.

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Meenal Mamdani
Meenal Mamdani
Nov 28, 2023

Yes, community tourism makes sure that the people who live there benefit the most.

It also makes the visitors aware of the local conditions increasing their awareness of how rural areas do not get as much govt support as the urban areas.

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