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Life at Rang De - Niraj Patel, Data Analyst

When it comes to data, insights and findings, Niraj is the go-to person at Rang De. A whiz with numbers, Niraj is a Data Analyst and holds a Post Graduate from Bangalore University. With over 4 years of experience in data analysis, he’s using his skills to bring a positive change in the lives of underserved communities through his work at Rang De.

As someone who has a deep connection with his roots, Niraj finds joy in assisting his father on the farm during his time off. He also has a passion for exploring new places by car, going on long drives, and satisfying his love for food by discovering new eateries wherever he travels. Let’s know more about Niraj’s Rang De story - Tell us about your early days and how it shaped your interests.

I hail from a small farming family in Surat, Gujarat. My father worked diligently as a farmer while my mother managed the household responsibilities. During my 10th or 11th grade, my cousin, who had pursued a Master's in Computer Applications in Bangalore and was employed at Wipro, became a source of inspiration for me. Witnessing their achievements motivated me to pursue the same educational path and career, with the goal of enhancing the quality of life for my family.

Could you tell what made you choose this career ?

During my school days, I developed a strong interest in computers. My cousin taught me how to install software and hardware, which led to me providing computer training classes at my school. This experience solidified my desire to stay involved with computers and technology.

What’s your work background and how you ended up in your role at Rang De?

When I arrived in Bangalore for my master's degree, I shared an apartment with roommates who worked in IT companies. Our conversations inspired me to pursue a job in a product-based company. Fortunately, I achieved this goal by securing a position at a US immigration-based company in Bangalore.

Regarding my journey with Rang De, I vividly recall a period after my marriage when I had to leave my first company due to medical reasons. I faced unemployment for around 3-4 months during that time. Through a consultancy, I learned about job openings at Rang De and decided to join as a database developer in 2017. Over the years, I have acquired valuable skills and experiences at Rang De, which have led me to my current role as a data analyst. As part of my work, I collaborate with numerous individuals across the entire Rang De team.

Can you walk me through a typical day in your role at Rang De?

My morning starts with some data health checks followed by daily catch up with my team. I work with mostly every Rang De team member, which involves a lot of multi-tasking. I procure data and valuable insights for different teams on a need basis.

How does your role contribute to Rang De's mission and values?

I believe my primary role is to provide meaningful data assistance to everyone. This reminds me of the Rang De KPI dashboard that I constructed, which many team members rely on to track deliverables as their first task in the morning.

Furthermore, I have a strong alignment with the investees benefiting from Rang De's provision of low-cost credit. This connection stems from my father's own struggles in obtaining an education loan for me. As a result, I feel deeply connected to the work carried out by Rang De, and I am always eager to assume any responsibilities that come my way.

Could you share a challenge you remember and how your team overcame it?

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I am also involved in product testing. One of the challenges I face is when external users encounter issues with the product that I have tested. There is often a lot of back and forth to resolve these issues. However, I welcome these challenges because they provide valuable opportunities to learn and improve. Working with a unique product at Rang De, I have learned how to address and prevent similar issues in future releases.

During my time at Rang De, I have gained important lessons beyond my daily work. One significant lesson is the power of having a unique idea and visionary founders like Smita and Ram. Regardless of the obstacles they face, both founders have the ability to turn impossible things into reality. This is evident in the product developed by Rang De, which helps individuals without a credit history build their creditworthiness. Rang De plays a crucial role in empowering such individuals.

Have you picked up new values or perspectives with your work at Rang De? If yes, what are they? As mentioned previously, my role at Rang De involves working closely with various teams, which provides me with inspiration and motivation to understand the work of each team. This has allowed me to experience and embody all of the company values in various aspects. I strive to carry these values into my personal life as well, as they have had a profound impact on me.

What do you envision for Rang De in the coming years ?

I believe De has a highly distinctive model within its industry. Rang De is on the path towards widespread recognition, akin to other prominent brands. The organisation holds tremendous potential for scaling up and establishing itself as a household name.

Niraj's story illustrates his journey from humble beginnings to making a meaningful impact - a story filled with determination and inspiration. To read more about these awe-inspiring stories from Rang De Team members, visit - Life at Rang De

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