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Life at Rang De - Sumit, App Developer

Meet Sumit - someone whose career is fueled by the dynamic and collaborative nature of software development. He has been continually inspired by the thrill of solving problems and working in tandem with diverse teams.

Hailing from Hubli, Sumit's educational journey began in his hometown where he completed his 12th grade. Pursuing his higher education, he went to Bangalore for a Bachelor's in Computer Applications and later completed his Masters via distance education. 

His passion for software development has been a driving force in his career. Besides his professional pursuits, Sumit is an avid sports enthusiast, enjoying cricket, chess, and badminton. Of late, he has developed a keen interest in fitness and gym activities. 

His recent forays into reading and travel have further enriched his experiences. Sumit values authenticity and hard work, principles that guide his personal and professional life.

His Rang De journey 

Sumit's professional journey took a pivotal turn when he encountered a job opening at Rang De. Previously, he honed his skills as an Android Developer at Jahasa Technology for over two and a half years. The opportunity at Rang De sparked his interest due to the organisation's commitment to social causes. Conversations with team members like Hari Vignesh and Ghansyam revealed the impactful role he could play at Rang De, propelling him to join the team.

At Rang De, Sumit found a nurturing and friendly environment. The organisation's vision to eradicate poverty in India resonated deeply with him. Despite his initial shyness, the supportive atmosphere helped him integrate seamlessly into the team.

Working at Rang De

Sumit's biggest takeaway since joining Rang De has been the value of humility. His role typically involves engaging in stand-up meetings to discuss progress and challenges, followed by diligent work on the Loan and Mobile apps. Collaborating closely with the backend team, he ensures the apps meet the evolving needs effectively.

By optimising the apps, he helps social investors and partners streamline their processes, ultimately contributing to Rang De's larger goal of poverty alleviation.

One of the initial challenges Sumit faced was adapting to new app development environments. This required him to learn and work simultaneously, a task he navigated through constant collaboration with his team members.

Rang De memories

Sumit fondly recalls the launch of the first campaign for interest-free loans for farmers and the mobile SI app as some of the most rewarding moments at Rang De. 

Looking forward, he is enthusiastic about continuing his journey with Rang De, contributing not just through app development but also in other capacities that aid the organisation's growth.

Working at Rang De has enriched Sumit's perspective, adding new experiences and insights to his repertoire. His experience at Rang De transcends beyond professional achievements, shaping his worldview and personal growth.

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