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Life at Rang De - Leslin K Seemon, Digital Storyteller

Tucked away from the clamour of the conventional workspace, is our Digital storyteller at Rang De - Leslin. Hailing from Kochi, Leslin's life outside work is filled with intensive workouts at the gym, birdwatching, filmmaking, and hiking. A strong believer in mindfulness and vivid thinking, Leslin's path to becoming a writer began unexpectedly during his college days. 

‘I ventured into writing by fluke. I was a mischievous student during my engineering days, essentially a class clown and would be a menace to professors. I was demanded to behave and in an attempt to soothe my boredom I used to scribble poetry and quotes in the back page of my notebooks. Little did I know then I would go on to become a writer.’

In March 2020, just before the global pandemic took hold, Leslin embarked on his professional journey with Rang De as a writer intern while pursuing a Masters in Journalism, marking the beginning of a fulfilling career that has spanned nearly four years. What intrigued Leslin most about his career at Rang De was its significant impact on people's lives. Unlike a typical finance company, Rang De's mission of empowering individuals resonated deeply with him. Through his role, Leslin had the privilege of interviewing borrowers, crafting profiles that highlighted their aspirations and life goals, a task he found profoundly meaningful due to its real-life implications. Leslin's experience at Rang De has been nothing short of enlightening, offering him a unique perspective into the lives of rural India. The organisation's commitment to its mission and community stood out to him, highlighting the importance of sincerity and care in their work. His biggest takeaway has been the critical role affordable credit plays in community upliftment, exposing him to the stark inequalities between urban and rural areas.

Smita and Leslin in a growth bootcamp.

A typical day for Leslin involves analysing writting blogs, mailers, push notifications, tracking marketing analytics, and SEO performance, followed by strategic planning meetings with his manager and regular interactions with the Impact Operation teams for ground updates. His work is crucial in showcasing the impact of social investors and ensuring the narratives reach a wider audience effectively, maintaining the empathetic link between Investors and Investees. Leslin vividly recalls working on NDTV telethons during the pandemic, a testament to Rang De's ability to mobilise support for Indian farmers amidst uncertainty. The campaign's success, generating 6-8 crores in interest-free loans, was a significant milestone for him, demonstrating the collective power of support during challenging times.

Rang De has also enriched Leslin's values and perspectives, teaching him the importance of not assuming the status quo and embracing inclusivity. That change is always possible. These lessons have brought him closer to understanding the real challenges faced by those outside his immediate social circle.

Looking ahead, Leslin is eager to continue documenting stories from the ground, bring new social investors onboard and showcasing the myriad ways in which people create livelihoods and the vital role of credit in economic progress. He dreams of the day when Rang De becomes a household name for 'doing good'. Through his work, Leslin hopes to inspire action and foster a deeper connection between the community and the cause.

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