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Life at Rang De - Rajendra Gollapalli, Impact Operations Manager

Rajendra hails from a modest farming family in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. His father, a dedicated farmer, and his mother, who skillfully manages domestic duties. Rajendra's passion lies in learning new skills and acquiring knowledge.

He takes great delight in horticulture, specifically in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and ornamental plants, and finds fulfilment in the art of landscape design.

While pursuing his Master's in Business Administration, Rajendra embarked on an initiative to teach children from low-income backgrounds. This endeavour significantly piqued his interest in the social sector. The experience kindled a deep-seated passion for aiding community members in their pursuit of prosperity and excellence.

The Journey to Rang De

Before joining Rang De, Rajendra was deeply involved with Habba, an e-commerce platform under Rang De promoting handmade art and crafts. While maintaining his full-time software job, he volunteered at Habba's sales events and worked on weekends. His dedication led him to transition from software engineering to a full-time position at Habba and later to Rang De as the Impact Operations Manager.

At Rang De, Rajendra values the opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds, gaining insights from their experiences and viewpoints. He appreciates the support and guidance received from colleagues and mentors, contributing to his growth.

Rajendra learned the importance of collaboration and teamwork at Rang De. He worked on several projects with different departments, realising the effectiveness of joint efforts towards common goals.

A Typical Day at Rang De

Rajendra’s day starts early with report reviews and team meetings. His role involves multitasking and problem-solving, primarily focusing on collaborating with high-volume impact partner organisations (like NGOs, SHGs and FPOs) and generating insightful reports for team members.

In his role as an Impact Operations Manager, Rajendra plays a crucial role in identifying and vetting potential investees to ensure they meet creditworthiness standards and align with Rang De's mission. His responsibilities extend beyond evaluation, as he also provides essential support and guidance to these individuals, aiding them in maximising the benefits and effectiveness of the investments they receive.

Credit underwriting for rural farmers and small entrepreneurs posed a significant challenge. Rajendra, with the help of impact partners and team expertise, developed a tailored credit-rating framework, enhancing the credit underwriting process.

Memorable Moments

A memorable moment for Rajendra was the gratitude expressed by a student who attended college because of a loan received through Rang De. This experience reaffirmed the importance of his work.

Working at Rang De has enhanced Rajendra's sense of empathy. Interacting with individuals supported by Rang De has made him a more compassionate person and team member.

Rajendra is enthusiastic about a future where Rang De supports an increasing number of grassroots organisations, striving to create a world with equal opportunities for everyone.

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