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Life at Rang De - Mohit Yadav, Social investor Support Associate

Mohit Yadav, a proud native of Lucknow, has a passion for numbers and a love for sports. With a post-graduate degree in commerce/finance, Mohit's fascination with the dynamic world of finance and data has always been evident. 

His interests extend beyond his professional sphere into football, cricket, tennis, and Formula 1. These sports not only entertain Mohit but also inspire him.

Travel, another of Mohit's passions, has expanded his horizons and deepened his appreciation for diverse cultures. His personal values – collaboration, empathy, and continuous learning – are not just guiding principles in his career but also in life.

Mohit's journey to Rang De was driven by his desire to make a positive impact. The dynamic nature of the financial landscape and the opportunity to contribute to social change captivated him. Joining Rang De as a Social Investor Support Associate right after completing his post-graduation, Mohit brought a fresh perspective to the team.

At Rang De, Mohit's experience has been more than fulfilling; it's been transformative. The sense of camaraderie and connection within the team is palpable. Rang De's environment, infused with a collaborative spirit, has made Mohit's journey special.

The biggest learning for Mohit at Rang De has been the profound impact of social investing. Witnessing how small loans can empower individuals and communities has been an eye-opener, deepening his understanding of financial inclusion.

A day at work

A typical day for Mohit involves addressing social investor queries, providing prompt and accurate assistance, and fostering a positive and inclusive environment for social investors. He is committed to ensuring effective communication and transparency through his role.

Mohit dedicates 12 hours each day to being available on Rang De's live chat platforms, both on the web and the app. Throughout his day, he interacts with social investors using a variety of communication channels such as emails, chats, calls, and coordinating Rang De Q&As. His role involves providing investors with detailed information about their investments, guiding them through the platform, and assisting them with any challenges they encounter. 

Mohit collaborates closely with other teams within Rang De, including finance, technology, and impact operations, ensuring that he can provide accurate and comprehensive information to investors. 

Additionally, he keeps himself updated on the latest developments and changes on the platform to offer timely and relevant support, and actively collects feedback of all kinds. 

A standout experience

One of Mohit's standout experiences was handling an influx of user queries following a viral social media post.The surge of new queries was overwhelming, with new questions pouring in every second. In response, Mohit collaborated with his team members, dedicating extra hours of work to ensure that they efficiently resolved and answered all the queries. 

This experience not only strengthened teamwork but also highlighted the dedication of his team in addressing challenges head-on.

Recalling his memorable experiences, Mohit speaks fondly of an office trip to Bangalore. It was an ideal mix of work and bonding, strengthening the team's professional relationships and camaraderie.

Working at Rang De has enriched Mohit with new perspectives and values. He has developed a deep appreciation for financial inclusion and the power of collaborative efforts. Looking to the future, Mohit is eager to further contribute to Rang De's mission. He anticipates personal and professional growth and looks forward to making a lasting difference in the realm of social finance and financial inclusion.

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