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Life at Rang De - Harshitha Shekhar, Technical Lead

Harshitha Shekhar, a native of the vibrant city of Bangalore, is an individual of many talents and interests. She completed her studies in Information Science and Engineering at BMS College of Engineering.

Beyond academics, Harshitha is also a trained Bharathanatyam dancer, showcasing her deep-rooted connection to her culture and artistic pursuits. In her leisure time, she enjoys playing carrom and badminton, and has recently discovered a love for trekking. Travel has been a long-standing passion, and she has been exploring various destinations with a sense of adventure.

Professionally, Harshitha began her journey as an Android Applications Developer, landing her first job through campus placement in 2015. Her commitment to her field led her to complete a Google certification course for Android development. It was at a meetup hosted by Google in Bangalore that she met her future colleague from Rang De, opening her eyes to the world of social impact for the first time.

When she decided it was time for a career transition, Harshitha reached out to her former colleague and soon found herself at Rang De, initially as an Android App Developer. She has since been promoted to Technical Lead. Harshitha values the transparent feedback and work culture at Rang De, where work-life balance is not just a buzzword but a lived reality.

A typical day for Harshitha starts with a morning stand-up call where the team discusses the day's tasks and updates. The remainder of her day is a mix of focused work, meetings, and discussions.Work on developing features on the app and collectively working with the team in making the app more efficient.

She plays a crucial role in Rang De's mission, working on two vital apps: the Social Investor App and the Loan App. These apps aim to streamline the investment process for social investors and facilitate the onboarding of borrowers, respectively.

One of Harshitha's most memorable experiences at Rang De was being part of the team that launched the organisation's first mobile app for investors. Until then, Rang De had only operated through its website. This milestone was a significant step for both Harshitha and Rang De.

Having spent over four years at Rang De, Harshitha has come to appreciate the organisation's culture of recognizing and valuing each individual's contributions. This ethos resonates deeply with her.

As she looks to the future, Harshitha is enthusiastic about continuing her journey with Rang De. She is committed to contributing further to the mission and is excited about the unforgettable memories she will undoubtedly create along the way.

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