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Life at Rang De - Mayank Jain, Interaction Designer

In the bustling city of New Delhi, Mayank thrives as a designer, where every day is an opportunity to witness art in its many forms.

Passionate about visual arts, Mayank enjoys a range of creative pursuits outside of work. From singing and drawing to cooking and baking, Mayank’s days are filled with activities that feed his soul. For him, learning is an everlasting journey. A deeply expressive person, Mayank finds inspiration all around, fueling his commitment to never stop learning and exploring new interests.

So, what drove Mayank towards his career in design?

The answer lies in his fascination with the concept of creation. He believes that design isn’t merely a visual element; it's a complete experience that has a lasting impact.Mayank relishes the idea that he can create products to solve real-world problems, making design an experiential journey for users.

Just two years into his professional life, Mayank has already made a significant impact at Rang De. Intrigued by Rang De's mission and vision, he felt an instant connection, realizing that his work could contribute to meaningful changes in society.

At Rang De, Mayank is approaching his one-year work anniversary with a blend of gratitude and ambition. While he acknowledges that there's a wealth of knowledge yet to be tapped into, the lessons he's gathered so far are invaluable. Mayank has delved into the intricacies of product development, absorbing essential practices and steering clear of pitfalls. He's become a strong advocate for collaboration and an eager recipient of constructive feedback, recognizing these elements as the cornerstone of exceptional work.

Since coming on board at Rang De, Mayank's most transformative learning has been a nuanced understanding of the workings of a startup. He has come to grasp the concerted effort that goes into seemingly minor tasks—from managing employees to forging valuable connections. For Mayank, publicizing the mission and the product isn't a one-time campaign, but a daily commitment that requires ingenuity and consistency. What fascinates him the most is the seamless integration of different domains like marketing, product development, and partnerships, all coming together to narrate a cohesive story. This integrative perspective is something he takes lessons from every single day.

Mayank's typical day at Rang De kicks off with a morning huddle featuring the entire product team and co-founder Ram. The conversation revolves around a recap of the previous day's achievements and a straightforward outline of the day's objectives. Any lingering discussions or unresolved matters are neatly slated for attention later in the day.

Following this general meeting, Mayank and the team dig deeper into product specifics in a subsequent call. Here, they assess immediate priorities and align their design deliverables with the upcoming sprints. The rest of the day is a focused application of these plans, as Mayank collaborates closely with relevant stakeholders. The goal is an iterative design process aimed at meticulously refining and enhancing features.

At Rang De, Mayank's work serves as the vital conduit between investees and Social Investors. He sees the product as more than just a tool—it's a bridge that connects two worlds. His primary focus is to refine this bridge to make the experience as seamless, memorable, and impactful as possible for both parties involved.

Challenges are a given in any work environment, and for Mayank, the fine art of balancing differing perspectives within the team is one. For him, the key lies in robust collaboration and continuous dialogue. They start with a hypothesis, test it through user interactions, and pivot or proceed based on real-world feedback.

Mayank has fond memories of his time with the Rang De team, and one instance that stands out is a work trip to Bangalore. As a fully remote company, the in-person interaction was a refreshing change. From casual banter and communal lunches to spirited discussions that spanned pop culture and the best eating joints in Bangalore, it was an experience he treasures. Mayank found two new favorites: Paris Panini and Smoor.

Reflection has led Mayank to realize that he has adopted new values while at Rang De, including increased accountability and ownership. The iterative nature of his work has also made him more patient and open to new ideas, while frequent interactions with users have enriched him as an empathetic designer.

Looking ahead, Mayank is genuinely excited about the future of Rang De. He's convinced that the product and the team have enormous potential just waiting to be unleashed. And he's eager to continue this journey, working toward a future where Rang De shines brighter than ever.

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