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Life at Rang De: The Journey of Janu Gandhi, Mobility Project Lead

Hailing from Ludhiana, Janu Gandhi's academic journey was marked by an above-average performance, particularly excelling in mathematics. This affinity for numbers steered Janu towards a Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications. Post-graduation, Janu ventured into a Master's program at RIMT, during which a training stint at Seasia Consulting in Mohali honed skills in iOS application development.

After a fruitful two-year tenure at Seasia, Janu returned to Ludhiana, resuming a career in app development with Techie India Inc. Despite professional satisfaction, a deeper, internal desire to contribute to society persisted.

In 2018, a turning point arrived when Janu was introduced to Rang De. Captivated by the organisation's mission and vision, Janu successfully navigated the interview process and embarked on a new chapter with Rang De. Now, nearly five years later, each day at Rang De still resonates with the excitement and freshness of the first.

The influence of Rang De's founders, Ram and Smita, and their approach to work life, left a profound impact on Janu, reshaping perspectives on life and ingraining the value of empathy in practice. Starting as an iOS developer, Janu's journey at Rang De has now evolved into the role of Mobility Project Lead.

A typical day for Janu begins with organising daily tasks and addressing slack notifications. The morning catch-up meeting is a staple, setting the tone for a day filled with diverse roles: from leadership and mentorship to coding and analysis. Currently, Janu is spearheading a Service Interface (SI) facing app, transitioning from native app languages to Flutter for development.

Janu's tenure at Rang De is full of memorable milestones. The approval from the RBI, the launch of the app, and the pivotal decision to transition the app to Flutter stand out as significant achievements for both Janu and the mobility team.

"One of the most valuable takeaways from the time spent at Rang De has been the lessons in mutual belief, valuing, and understanding one another. Gratitude towards Ram, Smita, Swati, and Sunil is profound, as they have fostered a nurturing environment, conducive to both personal growth and learning."

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