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Life at Rang De - Venance Roche, VP of Marketing & Growth

Born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, Venance Roche has been a lifelong resident of the city. An ardent follower of Arsenal FC and the English Premier League, Venance is deeply passionate about the game. His interests don't stop there; he is deeply curious about mental health and its connections, particularly to the gut health. His hobbies include reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching documentaries on health, well-being, and self-development.

Career Interests

Venance has been navigating the world of marketing for 15 years, building brands from scratch and setting up marketing teams that excel in building awareness and credibility while driving sales.

His career has spanned various sectors—from events and branding to travel and hospitality—and across diverse workplace environments, including agencies, a start-up, an SME, and a multinational.

The turning point for Venance came in 2020, a year that derailed plans but laid new tracks for him. A layoff and several personal losses led him to rethink his life and career goals. That's when Venance discovered Rang De and he decided to join a Q&A with the founders. A few engaging conversations with the founders later, Venance found himself part of the Rang De team.

Experience at Rang De

Venance is particularly struck by Rang De's unwavering focus on its mission to make credit affordable and accessible for the underserved.

One dialogue stands out for him. When he asked the Co-founder and CEO, Smita Ram, about potentially raising interest rates to compete with other P2P players, her answer was straightforward - that would defeat the organisation's purpose of providing affordable credit to those in need. A mission statement etched in a sentence. Smita’s response has stuck with him ever since, and has given a clear understanding of Rang De’s purpose.

The realisation that access to low-cost, tailored credit is an under-acknowledged but vital need in India. Venance has seen firsthand the transformative power of even a small loan on the lives, families, and communities of those who are usually ignored by the conventional banking system.

A day at work

Venance's workday starts at 8:45 a.m., where the first task is to check daily reports focusing on new sign-ups and first-time investors. Following this, he dives into website traffic analytics. Venance also manages the PR function for Rang De, acting as a bridge between the internal stakeholders and their agency partner. His role has led him to oversee and execute several long-term and short-term performance advertising campaigns and influencer collaborations, all of which were firsts for Rang De.

Venance's work is critical in building brand awareness around social investing. He plays an indispensable role in bringing new social investors to the platform, who, in turn, help provide low-cost credit to deserving individuals.

Team Moments

Meetings with Rang De's remote team are always special moments for Venance. Despite having met only a handful times over the last year, each encounter leaves him feeling inspired and refreshed.

Venance has learned that a powerful vision, a vital mission, and a clear set of resonating values can galvanize a team to be committed to the cause, day in and day out.

Going forward, Venance is excited to deepen his understanding of the problems Rang De is solving. He aims to continue evolving his marketing skills while always remaining a student of life.

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